"Professional and Compassionate Guidance In Your Time Of Sorrow"
Arrington Funeral Home




         Arrington Funeral Home, Incorporated, was established as a Corporation on November 18, 1988. The Corporation has one principal owner, Mrs. Rachel R. Arrington, President.         


         Arrington Funeral Home was a long time dream of Mrs. Arrington. After receiving an associate degree in Funeral Service Education from Jefferson State Junior College in 1988, Mrs. Arrington began planning to own her own establishment.


         ARRINGTONARTAfter long and tiring efforts of searching for a building that could possibly be renovated, the idea was abandoned and plans were made to find property to construct a new facility.


         In May of 1990, three lots of property, located on Cotton Avenue in southwest Birmingham were purchased and in July of 1990, construction of the new facility began. Mrs. Arrington designed the interior of the building with the help of an interior designer and secured the services of an Architect to help design the exterior.


         The 4,800 square foot building, situated on approximately one acre of land, is constructed of drivit exterior finish with beautifully landscaped shrubbery and trees and is decorated inside with various shades of blue, rose and gray. The Chapel has blue and gold stained glass windows, oak pews and blue cushions. The Chapel is named in memory of Mr. Richard Arrington, Sr., a portrait and plaque is displayed above the chapel entrance doors in his memory. The building is dedicated in memory of the late Mrs. Hattie Douglass, the grandmother of Mrs. Arrington. Mrs. Hattie Douglass was the Matriarch of the Douglass family. It was she who inspired Mrs. Arrington to always hold steadfast to her dreams, for she truly believed dreams come true. A bronze plaque is permanently affixed to the outside of the building in her memory.



  Arrington Funeral Home, Incorporated opened for business on November 23, 1990, (the birthday of Mrs. Arrington) with two full-time staff persons, consisting of Mrs. Rachel R. Arrington, President and Reverend Thomas E. Hunter, Administrative Assistant. Five part-time persons also started with the business, Mr. W. Frank Hardin, Mortician, Mr. Cedric Clifton, Apprentice/staff member, Mr. Norman B. Wooding, Jr., General Maintenance, Mr. Norman B. Wooding, III., Cosmetologist/ Attendant and Mr. Jeffery Bryant, Attendant.


         The motto of Arrington Funeral Home is "Professional and Compassionate Guidance in Your Time of Sorrow."


         The main objective of Arrington Funeral Home is to guide bereaved families through their time of grief and offer quality and professional service in a dignified and professional manner.